Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Work-August 2008

Creede, Colorado
elevation 8852 ft.

This image was made on a scenic loop just after sunrise in August.  I made 10 images in a span of about 45 minutes and this is the first of the roll. At this high elevation, a low fog sits in this mountain loop in the early morning and quickly burns away in the rising sun in Creede.  The next image, taken only 15 minutes or so after this one, has a completely different mood to it. 
It will be up on Friday.


  1. this totally looks like a painting - I love the colors ... it could almost be an underwater shot, seaweed moving with the current.

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  3. This makes me feel heavy, like there is a heavy sadness in the air. This image has alot of emotional weight to it.